Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mozilla Summer of Code event

So I'm thinking of hosting a Mozilla Summer of Code (specifics, moar specifics) event.
In case you didn't know, Mozilla is actively leading a campaign to make our generation "web-literate" - which means that you don't just consume the web, you have the skills to actively partake in creating the web. Web literacy is about understanding more about the underlying system and code that makes the web work.
Mozilla Summer of Code is about people creating events, worldwide, which people will attend with the intention of increasing their web literacy and learn some more about the web. The event that I would host would be either a kitchen table meetup - which is basically where some of us meet and I teach y'all how to make websites - or a hack jam - which is where we'll all collaboratively make a prototype of some idea that someone has - or even a combination of these two. Either way, it will be tons of fun.
People I'm thinking might be especially interested are Gabriel Pehrson, Zeb Burke-Conte, Zoey Salsbury, Adam Hanson and Jackson de Campos - but anyone is totally welcome (and highly encouraged!) to come. If someone really wants to come but can't make it for whatever reason, we could possibly do something with Google+ Hangouts, or figure something else out - really, this is casual and we can adapt to fit people's schedules. This is about learning, and you don't have to have any prior experience coding. Don't worry; you'll be fine - I'd encourage you to come even if you're on the fence about it, but ultimately, of course, it's up to you.
Anyone interested?
#mozparty #ftw